Microbalance for Diesel Compliance Testing

An interial balance weighs through inertia. This is typically done through measuring the harmonic frequency of a mass attached to a high Q material like quartz. Diesel exhaust emits many particulates as unburned hydrocarbons. Measuring the mass of these hydrocarbons through traditional filter collection & measurement has been timeconsuming and expensive. Using the inertial balance weve developed elliminates these problems and make complience economically feasable. Implementing this project required development of embedded software with an RTOS, a touch screen user interface, and TCP/IP control. As well as new measurement technology using temperature controlled crystals and PSoC development. This product will soon be on the market under the label of Micro Measurements, Inc.

Locator Watch

A locator watch for a kids wrist was developed for Wherify. With the watch using a GPS and connecting to a CDMA cellular network, a parent is able to locate their child wearing this device by simply querying a website with a browser. This project used a Nucleus RTOS.

Vending Machine Controllers

For Masterwork Electronics, we designed and/or implemented more than a dozen projects for the vending machine industry. Developed a Proprietary RTOS to be used in most of the new product lines. Designed the Universal Satellite Device (USD) protocol to be used with the MDB communication protocol used in the vending machine industry. The USD protocol was accepted in 1998 to be an industry standard by the industry's trade organization (NAMA). The latest projects completed were specified by Coca-Cola. This is a very competitive market, and because of our software innovation, Masterwork Electronics is now seen as a leader in this industry. Most of the programming was done in C and the rest in 68HC11 or 6805 assembly.

Power Distribution

Developed power distribution controls for tow trucks using LONWORKS technology. This project used the Lonworks chip technology to implement a low cost chip level peer to peer protocol.

Bluetooth Security Camera

This project used a Bluetooth stack that was developed by Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), and the Micrioum uC/OS-II RTOS. JPEG images and sound was transmitted using a Bluetooth radio. An ARM7 microcontroller was used here.